Packing Cubes?

About a week ago I was on Amazon, and this items popped-up in the suggestions; Shacke Pak – 4 Set Slim Packing Cubes – Travel Organizers. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and as a set of four was only $19.99, it wasn’t a big investment.

The packing “cubes” are heavy nylon with a semi-mesh top measuring 2.2 x 8.2 x 15.3 inches; more like packing rectangles.  The idea is that you can pack them super tight with clothes or gear that would otherwise be loose in your suitcase. They also have a nylon handle sewn to the side, for easier unpacking?

These appear to be an exclusive to Amazon, as a check of the Shacke web site found that they directly sell very similar packing cubes, but in sets of 4 of various sizes.

A close examination found that the durability of these isn’t a joke.  The stitching in the interior has reinforced nylon (see photo), and the material is also heavy nylon.

To give them a try for size, I put five sets of socks and underwear on one, and they fit with no problem.  You could definitely pack a weeks worth of undergarments in one of these.

The last photo shows the cube in my roll aboard with a few other odds and ends; it fits snugly inside, so packed tightly, it looks like it might actually save some space.

Initial thoughts

The idea is that with one of these cubes, you can take items that you normally pack loosely in your suitcase and compress then in to a compact brick.  If you’re only heading out for a few day, these are unlikely to provide any advantages, as you probably won’t be packing much to begin with.  On trips of 4+ days, then they may be worth taking with you.

These may prove more useful with my cycling gear, where you tend to pack for every possible weather condition, and my gear bag tends to have clothes floating all over the place.

I’ll provide updates after I’ve had a chance to use them.




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